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Where To Eat in Martinique

Are you heading to Martinique and wondering what type of cuisine you will find there? Martinique has an extensive array of cuisines, from tasty local dishes to western favourites. So whether you’re keen to try some island delights or are looking for the best burger joint, read on to discover where to eat in Martinique.

Typical Martinique dishes

Typical Martinique cuisine is a fusion of French, African, and Caribbean flavours. As you might expect, seafood is a firm favourite amongst locals, such as crab and lobster. Still, there are various famous meat dishes, too. One of the most notable is Colombo de Martinique, a lamb curry cooked in coconut milk.

Local Restaurants on Martinique

You won’t be short on excellent local eateries in Martinique. Some of our favourites are Le Point de Vue on the north coast, where the cuisine, service, and location are all 5-stars. So if you’re looking to feast on local cuisine with a view, this is the place to be.

Alternatively, if you’re a seafood lover, head to Case Coco Restaurant in the south for the freshest fish on the island. Highlights include the lobster combo, tuna tartar, and scallop risotto.

Western Restaurants on Martinique

Authentic Italian pizza is not something you would expect to find on Martinique. Still, at Pizzbook, you’ll feel like you are in Naples. This small takeaway joint uses the finest Italian ingredients and is right on the beach. So you can munch on your favourite comfort food while watching the incredible island sunset.

Or, for the best burgers in town, head to Pirate’s Beach Restaurant. The Black Angus steak, artisanal bread, and Emmental cheese are a match made in heaven.

Top Pick for Dinner

Zanzibar Restaurant in the south of the island offers a fine dining experience and an enjoyable evening out. With its waterfront location and romantic setting, you can watch the sunset as you tuck into some delicious local cuisine. The seafood comes straight from a local fisherman every morning. The chef then carefully pairs it with spices, sauces, and vegetables for a mouthwatering meal.

Top Pick for Breakfast

When it comes to a high-quality breakfast with a priceless view, THE BAHI VILLA is the place to start your day. All dishes are homemade, including freshly baked bread, exotic jams made from local fruits, and silky smooth yoghurts. So whether you prefer a sweet or salty breakfast (or both), you won’t be disappointed at THE BAHI VILLA.

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