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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Martinique

In the Caribbean Sea, Martinique is a favourite tourist destination thanks to its numerous hiking trails, breathtaking scenery, and a vast network of scenic waterfalls.

Tourists who find their way to the Island may want to skiff down one of its charming rivers after an excursion to one of its numerous waterfalls. While the northern part of the island hosts most of its waterfalls, these natural wonders are also strewn throughout Martinique.

Below is a brief list of the Island’s most beautiful waterfalls and their locations.

Massif of Mount Pelee

The Massif of Mount Pelee is a volcanic region located in the north of Martinique and hosts some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. Some of the waterfalls here include:

The Triple Waterfalls of Trois Bras

The Trois Bras river is home to a triple set of waterfalls. These waterfalls are arguably the most scenic on the island and are some of the few where visitors can ride down to the mountain on a skiff. The waterfalls are 100 meters long and lay between the Le Precheur and Grand-Riviere, at the heart of the island’s rain forest.

The best way to get there is via the Le Precheur-Grand Riviere hiking trail, a round trip that will take hikers about 6 hours if they skip the skiff ride. The only downside is that only those in great physical shape can access the waterfalls as some places require rope climbing and rappelling skills.

The Couleuvre

At 130 meters high, the Couleuvre stands among the highest waterfalls in Martinique. On the way to the island, visitors can enjoy light rock climbing excursions, beautiful views of the Coulevre river, and lush rainforest flora.

Fortunately, the Couleuvre is easily accessible, even for travellers with kids. The roundtrip from the starting point at Anse Coulevre parking is two hours short 2 hours through a well-maintained trail.

The Saut-Gendarme

This waterfall is tucked near Fonds-de-Saint-Denis, a short distance from Pitons du Carbet, and is the most famous of all waterfalls in Martinique. So, it’s common to find a few other travellers enjoying what the scenic waterfall has to offer.

One of the features that make Saut-Gendarme so famous is the pool at the bottom of the waterfall where visitors can swim as they take in the scenery. The waterfall is only 10 meters high and a short 10-minute walk from its closest access point at Departmental road n∘1. This also makes it easily accessible for families.

While these are only a few of the waterfalls visitors can explore on their trip to Martinique, there are over 5 others not on this list. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for family travellers and as many for adventure seekers who’re open to rock climbing, wading, and swimming across rivers to experience their allure.

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