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The way to a wo:man's heart is through their stomach. Therefore, we at THE BAHI VILLA are very keen on fresh, homemade, and tasty cuisine - taking the hearts of our guests by storm. 

Our food area is directly located by the pool, providing you with the best view of the island.  Enjoy your meal  with the rising morning sun or get swept away by the changing colors of the sea. At THE BAHI VILLA, delicious food and mesmerizing views  go hand in hand. 


Food always tastes better when one of  the ingredients is love. Our goal is to make you happy in every way we can. Due to our extensive experience in the restaurant industry, we know what it means to provide high-quality homemade food:

Fresh juice made from local fruits

Homemade bread with different ingredients

Exotic jam that tickles your taste  buds

Silky yogurt like you never tasted before



Every breakfast includes an assortment of the finest French charcuterie and cheeses. 


Something sweet to end your breakfast and start your day with a smile: we offer a daily changing  dessert.

A  variation of bread is served with every breakfast.


When  hosting a dinner party the  ingredients,  the venue, and the atmosphere are crucial. We at THE BAHI VILLA offer you a dining experience that you will never forget. 

Only available when renting the entire villa:

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