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What to pack for your island holiday?

Updated: May 8, 2021

Preparing for a holiday is always difficult. Especially now. Which outfits should you take, which pair of shoes? The heels, the boots, or both? Due to the current situation, it even became harder to prepare for traveling. The climate of Martinique is warm and tropical - the temperatures offen don't fall under 28 degrees during the day and 22 during the night, so what more do you need than the basic holiday clothes? Because it is easy to travel from Europe to Martinique, we advise you to just take the most necessary stuff and maybe some cute extra outfits, all packed in your hand luggage. Making the way to Martinique and home as easy as possible. No need for standing in line at the check-in, no need for waiting for your luggage upon arrival. Just hop on at your destination of departure and hop off on Martinique. So what is the stuff that you will need on Martinique?

Travel flashlight

For romantic evening strolls at the beach!

Two swim suits

Because of the tropical and humid weather clothes don't always dry so easily, especially anything with layers (like so many women’s swim suits). So do yourself a favor and put two swim suits on your tropical vacation packing list.

Polarized sunglasses

Martinique is almost on the equator. This means the distance between the sun and you is smaller and so the sun is also stronger. So remember to take Polarized sunglasses. We recommend that you bring a pair of polarized sunglasses to cut the glare reflecting off of the water.


Sunscreen is just one of those tropical travel essentials, but it’s mostly expensive in the countries where you need it most and often the SPF is lower. Sunscreen is one of the most important things to bring to an island vacation!

UV rashguard

Are you sensing a theme? When you’re making your tropical island packing list, sun protection in all its forms should be at the top of your list. You can get all sorts of cute sun protecting shirts these days, like this long sleeve swim shirt. If you forgot them, don't worry. There is a shop called Decathlon on the island. They have everything you need for water sports and it's cheap!


As mentioned above, the sun is extremely strong on Martinique. You need to protect your head so heat strokes can be avoided!

Limited clothing

You really don’t need much clothing on your list of what to bring on a tropical island vacation! For the evening, sundresses for a Caribbean vacation are perfect for women and for men just a t-shirt and shorts. During the day you will be in your swim suit all the time.

That we can promise you!

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